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Jerome Promotions is the oldest radio promotion company in the United States and we are a full service radio promotion company. Our job is to get airplay for artists at radio stations around the country with the goals of furthering your musical career through radio airplay, regional work, radio interviews, and studio appearances. Additional goals include increased sales, more ease in booking gigs, T.V. and film placement, national charting both commercially and non-commercially, and possibly gaining the attention of an independent or major label.

Here’s how it works:

We maintain a detailed database of thousands of FCC-licensed radio station in the U.S. We keep them up-to-date with current information about Music Directors (MDs) and Program Directors (PDs), the genres of music they play, and any specialty shows they have.

After getting to know your music, we use this information to tailor-build a mailing list for you based on your specific needs and musical goals. We start with the regional work, mailing you to all the stations in your state or area based on your feedback. If you happen to be on tour during your campaign our regional efforts can also be focused on the cities you will be in. We’ll submit you to local specialty shows and work to arrange interviews for you.

Next, we match you with our commercial stations where we feel your single will receive the most attention and airplay. Finally, we add non-commercial stations including college, community, public, and high-quality internet radio stations, completing a tailor-made mailing list that is the best fit for your music. All of the stations we work with are “reporting stations” which means they report to a national chart. Our campaigns are truly comprehensive in that we hit all the possible music circuits for you!

Once we receive your single, EP, or album, we label each individual CD with the information about your music that MDs and PDs want to see at a glance. Our graphic designer will create a professional radio one-sheet that you approve to accompany your physical mailing. A one-sheet is also required by the majority of radio stations and gives the music directors important information about you, your accomplishments, and your music.

We then package and mail your materials for you, saving you time and ensuring the CDs go to the appropriate music or program director. We include our logo on all of the packages so that stations know it’s a quality product that has already been reviewed and approved by our experienced staff, sending it to the top of their review list.

The tracking work begins before the packages hit the music and program directors’ desk. We start by notifying radio stations that a new release is on the way, working to create a buzz so stations are anticipating the music. We tell them about the artist, the music, and any anecdotes or accomplishments they might find interesting. We then personally call MDs and PDs at every station you’ve been submitted to each week to track the status of your music at each station.

Once your music is mailed out, all of our campaigns run for 12 weeks. Every week we keep you updated with detailed tracking reports that include airplay and charting statistics. As the campaign progresses we’ll notate rotation for you and work to increase your airplay each week.

We pride ourselves on being accessible to you through your entire campaign and encourage you to contact us at any point during the campaign to discuss the single or receive updates. We are always available by phone or email to answer any questions you have about anything relating to your campaign.

If you are interested in learning more about our services please contact us by phone or email, or you can upload your music to our website for review!