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Q: Now that I've made a CD, what do I do next?

A: The next step is to get airplay. This is where Jerome Promotions comes in. We help you get your CD played on the radio by promoting it to the music directors and program directors of radio stations nationwide.

Q: Can't I just promote my CD myself?

A: No. Music and program directors don't have time to take phone calls from everyone who wants to get their CD played. But Jerome Promotions has the connections and reputation to reach out to stations nationwide. We call stations across the U.S. to talk to music directors and program directors about new releases of both upcoming and established artists. We let them know when a CD will be sent to them and which cuts have been selected for airplay. When new artists are releasing a single, we give them background on the artist and their music in order to get them interested in listening to the CD and testing it on the air. Our goal is to get them to listen to the cut, test the audience response to it, and get it added to the weekly playlist.

Q: What kind of music do you promote?

A: We promote Top 40, Adult Contemporary, Country, Alternative, Blues, Clean Hip Hop, Jazz, World Music, RPM, EDM, and Reggae.

Q: Who has Jerome Promotions worked with?

A: Jerome Promotions has been helping launch hits for almost thirty years for major labels such as Sony, CBS, Warner Brothers, Interscope, Universal, Island, Columbia, Curb, Epic, Reprise, Capitol, and Arista as well as a number of small, independent labels. For a partial list of artists we’ve promoted, see “our track record.”

Q: How is Jerome Promotions different from other promotion companies?

A: We are the oldest and most well-established promotion company in the United States. No other promotion company is led by someone with the variety of experiences Bill Jerome has. He’s written songs, performed on recordings, produced over 130 records, including several hit singles, He’s also promoted countless singles for artists over the years such as U2, Eric Clapton, and R.E.M. His professionalism and ethics show in every aspect of his work. He has developed meaningful relationships with both radio stations and artists over the years. Jerome Promotions doesn’t make false promises or accept a project we don’t truly believe in.

Q: How long will you promote my single?

A: Most promotional companies run a 6-8 week campaign. However, all of our campaigns are 12 weeks. The process of tracking airplay and pushing for increased spins is a tedious one. It’s beneficial to you as the artist to have the additional weeks as music directors familiarize themselves with your music. This gives your material adequate time for audiences to get to know your music and more time for your fan base to increase.

Q: I have a great CD! If I send it out, won't the radio stations just listen to it and play it?

A: No. Some stations receive over a hundred CD's each week and they don’t listen to every CD that comes across their desk. They literally don't have the time. A benefit of us doing the physical mailing for you is that each promotional package has our specific Jerome Promotions logo attached. This tells the Music Directors that what we’ve sent them is a high quality product and sends you to the top of the review pile.

Q: Will you promote a CD for anyone willing to hire you?

A: No, absolutely not! First, we listen to it and determine if it will fit into the formats we work with. Then we evaluate whether it has the quality of production and lyrics that the MDs and PDs are looking for. Only then will we take on a project. If we began taking on projects that are of a poor quality just to collect a fee, we would soon lose our credibility with the radio stations and they would no longer review our music.

Q: How do I know my CD won’t get lost in the mix of all the music your currently promoting?

A: We only promote a few artists at any given time. When we accept new projects, we stagger the promotion list in order to give each artist the individual attention they deserve. We also work around album release dates and tour schedules.

Q:Does anyone on your staff work on commission?

A: No. When you hire Jerome Promotions you are hiring a fully dedicated staff. This allows our music team to provide honest feedback that you can be assured is not commission driven.

Q: Can you guarantee that I will get my CD played on the radio stations?

A: No one can guarantee you that. If they do, you know they are not reputable. But, again, if we don't think we can get airplay, we don't take on the project.

Q: If there are no guarantees, how will I know once I hire you that you will really call the stations?

A: Every week, we keep you updated with a report that outlines in detail how the stations are responding to your CD, which stations are testing it, which ones have added it to their playlist, how many times it is being played each week, what type of phone calls the station is receiving on your CD and what type of comments listeners are making. We also directly forward you playlists from stations as we receive them so you can verify the airplay for yourself.

Q: Who actually makes the phone calls to the stations?

A: Bill Jerome, President, personally makes many of the calls to our larger radio stations each week. Our Vice President, Laura Hollister, and our dedicated music staff also make calls to every station that you are submitted to each week. We believe this is one of the key points of conducting a productive campaign and we never delegate this to interns or junior staff. This is one of the most important aspects of gaining radio play and we have a permanent staff that maintains long-lasting relationships with the stations.

Q: I guess everyone dreams of having a hit CD. What are some of your success stories?

A: Getting your song played on the radio is a great way to find out what listener response is going to be. Our goals are to get your song added to as many playlists as possible on stations across the nation and get you on a national chart. No one can predict with certainty exactly what response your music will get. But your music can never get any response until it gets played. We’ve had artists land car commercials, TV placements, tour invitations, and music placements in independent films. We’ve also had several artists sign to major labels in the past year.

Q: What do you mean by getting my CD on the charts?

A: Each radio station compiles a weekly playlist that shows what songs they are playing and includes information about new songs and artists they have added to rotation. They then send that playlist to major reporting magazines who compile weekly charts rating each single based on spins or number of plays each week from the radio stations. Those charts are what the major labels and the music industry players follow.

Q: How do I get a major label to notice me?

A: Labels are working just as hard at discovering new artists as you are working at being discovered. They have entire A&R departments devoted to looking for new talent. Those promotion departments talk to the same music and program directors at the radio stations that Jerome Promotions talks to every week. When they see a new artist added to a number of radio playlists across the country, they begin asking how to find out more about the artist. That's when a label approaches you with a possible deal. Don’t forget about mid-level labels! These labels will also give you backing, which can include studio time, tour buy-ons, PR, and promotion. It is still quite an accomplishment to be approached by a mid-level label.

Q: Do you actually make the deal with a major label for me?

A: If you are approached by a label, we recommend you consult an entertainment lawyer to help you negotiate the best deal for you. We don’t the make the deal for you but we help facilitate it. Some promoters will take a percentage of your record deal but we don't. Helping a new artist get established with a major or independent label is what Jerome Promotions is all about.

Q: Does a national campaign include any regional work?

A: Yes. We tailor each mailing list to best fit the musical goals of each individual artist. If regional work is an important aspect of the campaign for you, we include regional submissions based on your genre, style, and of course location. You have many options to choose from while focusing on a particular location. This could range from a specific city, an entire state, or a region (such as the Northwest). We also do specific tour research for you if you happen to be on a tour during your promotional campaign. We will target radio stations and specialty shows within each city along your tour. This will raise awareness of your arrival to town as well as lead to increased ticket sales. Regional work also helps your ability to book local gigs as your exposure increases.

Q: I see that most radio stations require some type of one sheet along with my CD submission. Do I have to provide that myself?

A: No. We have a graphic designer who will put together a professional radio one sheet to accompany your promotional packages. This way you as the artist are represented in a clean, professional, and organized manner that won’t disqualify your submission for not following the radio station’s instructions. You will have the chance to approve your one sheet before it is distributed.

Q: Do you mail my CD out with a bunch of other artists at once?

Q: No. Each promotion gets their own individual mailing. Every artist has a different style and thus needs to go to specific music and program directors that work with that particular genre. What are the odds of you making it to the Rock director’s desk if we combined you with a Jazz and Hip-Hop CD?

Q: Do you work with Pandora?

A: Artists are responsible for submitting themselves to Pandora. However, once you’ve gained exposure from a national campaign and received significant airplay you are more likely to be accepted. When the time comes, we are happy to guide you through the process and let you know everything you need to have in place prior to your submission.

Q: Do you work with Sirius XM radio?

A: We will mail you to select Sirius stations where appropriate but this is a very hard market to break into. We have gotten artists on Sirius channels before but it’s not something we can guarantee. While Satellite radio is dominated by this one particular company, don’t forget about all of the great high-quality internet stations audiences listen to. Some of those stations we work with include M3 radio in Brooklyn, Soma FM in San Francisco, and Fearless Radio in Chicago.

Q: Are there any other fees once the campaign starts?

A: No, there are no surprises charges or hidden costs along the way. Some promoters will charge you a bonus if they garner things for you such as interviews, studio appearances or chart placements. We don’t do that. That’s what you are hiring us to do from the beginning and we work hard throughout the campaign to achieve those results for you.

Check out or Services page for detailed information about how our radio campaigns work. If you have any more questions please contact us by phone or email and we’ll be happy to go over anything else you’d like to know about a campaign.